Recreation Equipment Checkout Center

Hours of Operation (April 1 - September 30)

Monday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Tuesday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Wednesday 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Thursday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Sunday Closed
Federal Holidays Closed


Smith Lake Rd.
Bldg. Q-5144
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+1 (910)396-7060

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The Recreation Equipment Checkout Center has an extensive list of equipment available for a variety of activities and needs. Equipment available includes campers, canoes and kayaks, moon bouncers, a climbing wall, picnic and party equipment, canopy tents, tables and chairs, grills and super cookers, dunk tanks, lawn and garden equipment and much more. Before viewing any rental equipment at our facility, please check-in with the front desk.

To ensure optimum soldier and family customer service, reservations for the following items must be made a minimum of 2 days in advance: canoes, kayaks, grills (charcoal and propane), tables (of orders 10 +), chairs (of orders 60 +), road/mountain bikes, canopies, lawn/enclosed trailers, and bouncers. All motorized water craft and pull behind campers reservations must be made a minimum of 7 days in advance.

Printable Price List (.pdf)

View our printable price list for daily, weekend and holiday weekend rates, in addition to damage deposit details.

Get BBQin'! Equipment Price List


Item Cost per day
Canopy, 20x20 Fiesta (Red & White Stripe, Blue & White Stripe, or White) $75
Canopy, 20x20 OTC (Red & White Stripe, Blue & White Stripe) $50
Canopy, 10x10 Pop-up (Blue or Red) $35
Canopy Cathedral Window Sides for 20x20, cost listed is per side, per day $20
Pig Cooker, Charcoal $45
Pig Cooker, Propane $55
Table, Rectangle 6' Metal $5
Table, Rectangle 6' Plastic $5
Table, Round 60" Plastic $10
Chair, Metal Folding $0.50


Make it a Party Equipment Price List
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View our inventory of bouncers (Flickr)

Item Cost per day
Bouncer, Regular $150
Bouncer, Combo $165
Mini All-Stars $45
Bouncer, Dry Slide $185
Large Tropical Dual Slip n' Slide/UFO Wet & Dry $190
Obstacle Course Bouncer $190
Large Specialty Bouncers $225
Bubble Knocker Balls (2, With Soccer Ball and goals) $105
Bubble Knocker Balls (4, With Soccer Ball and goals) $125
Bubble Knocker Balls (6, With Soccer Ball and goals) $145
Party Package (Reg Bouncer, 3 Tables, 18 Chairs, Choice of Popcorn, Snowcone, or Cotton Candy) $175
Deluxe Package (Combo Bouncer, 3 Tables, 18 Chairs, Choice of Popcorn, Snowcone, or Cotton Candy) $190
Snowcone Machine $35
Popcorn Machine $35
Cotton Candy Machine $35
Costumes (Bunny, Santa, Mrs. Clause, Elf, Grinch, Reindeer, Snowman) $30
Coffee Pot, 30 Cup $10
Coffee Pot, 100 Cup $15
Deep Fat Fryer $10
Ice Chest, 150qt $15
Risers, Stage 4x8 $15


Let's Ride! Equipment Price List
Item Cost

Trackless Train

$250 for the minimum 2 hours, plus $100 additional hrs.*

Climbing Wall

$250 for the minimum 2 hours, plus $100 additional hrs.*


* Travel Fee: $100 for more than 10 miles from Smith Lake Recreation Area.


Yard Games Equipment Price List
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Cost per day

Dunk Tank


Karaoke Machine


Mountain or Road  Bike w/ Helmet


Tug-O-War Rope


Horseshoe Set


Cornhole Set


KanJam Game


Parachute Kids Game


Potato Sacks (8 sacks)


Spoon Race


Traffic Cone


Croquet Set


Game ON! Equipment Price List
Item Cost per day
Lacrosse Game Set (6 Helmets, 6 Sticks, 1 ball) $10
Baseball Game Set (5 gloves, 1 bat, ball, base set) $10
Volleyball Set (Net and Ball) $10
Flag Football Set w/ Football $10
Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Soccer & Volley Balls $5
Race Clock/Timer $20


Getting Out Under The Stars Equipment Price List
Item Cost per day
Tent, Camping 4 person $15
Tent, Camping 6 person $20
Camp Stove (Propane Not Included) $10
Travel Trailer (4 sleeper) 3 day min (+ $80/day) $95
Travel Trailer (5 sleeper) 3 day min (+ $100/day) $120


Camper safety course required.
Reservation required - no same day pick-up.

Weekend on the Lake Equipment Price List
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Item Cost per day
14' Jon Boat $50
17' Jon Boat  (3 day min. rental) $90
18' Pontoon Boat (3 day min. rental) $125
Personal Flotation Device $5
Canoe Package $25
Kayak Package (white water and flat water) $35
Tandem Kayak Package $40
Trailer, 6 Canoe Carrier (Canoes not included) $20
Trailer, 8 Canoe Carrier (Canoes not included) $25
Trailer, 4 Kayak (Kayaks not included) $15
Trailer, 8 Kayak  (Kayaks not included) $25


Pontoon/Jon Boats require safety course.
Reservation required on boats - no same day pick-up.

Lawn & Garden Equipment Price List
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Item Cost per day
Edger, Gas $25
Mower, Lawn Push $20
Tiller, Garden $60
Log Splitter $65
5 x 8 Lawn Trailer $20
6 x 12 Lawn Trailer $30
5 x 8  Enclosed Trailer $30
6 x 12 Enclosed Trailer $40


Helpful Miscellaneous Equipment Price List
Item Cost per day
Ladder 6/8 ft $10
Ladder 20/24 ft $15
Generator 2 K $30
Generator 8 K $60
Generator 10 K $90


Propane re-fills: cost varies on North Carolina rates

Authorized Patrons
  • DOD ID Card Holders only (IAW AR 215-1).
  • In accordance with AR 215-1, Chapter 7-4 (3), misuse of program privilege, personally profiting from the use of MWR merchandise and services constitutes a violation that may result in loss of MWR privileges.
Rental Policies


  • Renter assumes full responsibility for rental equipment and all components. Renter is held liable for personal injury, death, property loss or damage. In the instance that damage occurs while equipment is in the renter’s possession, repairs are not authorized unless approved by management.
  • All equipment must remain within a 150 mile distance of Fort Bragg.
  • Renter’s POV must have adequate tow equipment w/ components and electric breaks installed if applicable. Equipment will not leave ECC if any or all required hook-up components (breaks, lights etc) are missing or inoperable.
  • Renter is responsible for loading/unloading rental equipment in and out of POV. Renter is responsible to supply tie-down straps and secure equipment.

Safety and Instruction Class

  • Renter must complete a safety course prior to making a reservation for a camper or motorized bolt boat. Renter must be present at pick-up and return. Equipment will not be issued or accepted to/from a third party. Non-compliance may result in cancellation and loss of rental fee.

Payment and Cancellation

  • Equipment may be reserved up to 180-days in advance or rented on a walk-in basis.
  • Payment is accepted by Credit Card (Visa/MC), Cash, Check (3rd party checks are not accepted), Unit Funds and Recycle Voucher.
  • Reservations require a minimum payment of a one-day rental fee per item; the remaining fee and refundable damage deposit must be paid in full on the day of pick up.
  • Refunds or rain checks will not be given due to inclement weather, no-shows or inadequate tow equipment.
  • A cancellation fee equal to a one-day rental fee applies for each item cancelled within 7 calendar days of reservation pick-up date.
  • A processing fee of $5 applies for each item cancelled more than 7 calendar days of the reservation pick-up date.

Additional Charges/Late Fees

  • All items must be returned in original condition and suitable for immediate re-rental. Renter will be charged for labor and materials to replace, repair or clean equipment.
  • Equipment must be returned on or before the indicated time on the rental contract. Items returned late are assessed an additional daily rental fee per item.
  • Items returned late, reserved by another customer, are assessed a double daily rental fee.
Safety Briefings


  • April 1-September 30:  Wednesdays and Saturdays: 9 a.m.-11 a.m. at Recreation Equipment Checkout Center
  • October 1-March 31: Tuesdays and Thursdays: 9 a.m.-11 a.m. at Recreation Equipment Checkout Center


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is authorized to use the facility and what is the process to rent items?

Only DoD ID card holders are authorized to use our facility.  First time renters must bring your DoD ID and form of payment to the facility. All reservations require a down payment of at least 1 day rental fee. Once you are in our system, future reservations can be made over the phone.

How far in advance can I make reservations?

Rental equipment reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance. 

Do you set up the equipment?

We set up and operate the climbing wall and trackless train. However, we do not deliver and set up other rental items at this time.

Do I have to put my name on a list for the camper safety class?

The camper safety class is offered on a first come first served basis. See the section"Safety Briefings" above for class times. The safety class must be completed annually prior to making the reservation for a travel trailer.

Is it required to have electronic brakes to pull the boats?

Boats do not require the electronic brake system, however the travel trailers do.

What is the weight of the travel trailers?

5 person travel trailer is 22' long, Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is 4,400 lbs., and 3,150 lbs. dry.

4 person travel trailer is 17' long, GVWR of 2,700 lbs., and 2,100 lbs. dry.

All travel trailers require electronic breaks, and a camper safety course.

 What is the difference between the OTC and the Fiesta Canopy?

OTC 20x20 Canopy: Composed of 66 pieces to include poles that are approx. 8-9ft, this canopy requires a truck bed, or trailer. Tie down straps are highly suggested. This canopy comes in red and white stripe, or blue and white stripe colors.

Fiesta 20x20 Canopy: Composed of 46 pieces to include poles that are approx. 12ft, this canopy requires a truck bed or trailer (straps are highly suggested, and red flag for the over extending poles). This canopy comes in all white, blue and white stripes, or red and white stripes.

Where can you get supplies for the popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cone machines?

We are not able to endorse any businesses; however Wal-Mart and Sam's Club have been known to carry these supply items.

 Where can I store my personal RV?

RVs can be stored at the RV Lot on Pope Army Airfield. For more information contact North Bragg Auto Skills Center.