Commander's Cup Program

Commander's Cup Program

Intramural Sports

The Fort Bragg Intramural Sports Commander’s Cup Program is a collection of team, dual and individual sports competitions in where points are earned to compete for the Commander's Cup award. The program is open to Active Duty military personnel assigned or attached to Fort Bragg on official orders. Participation in the program can lead to higher levels of competition based on the performance of individuals to be selected for the All Army Team Trials.

Commander's Cup Program MOI (.pdf)


  • Flag Football; September – December 2019
  • Basketball; December 2019 – March 2020
  • Racquetball; January 2020
  • Bowling; March – April 2020
  • Soccer; March – April 2020
  • Volleyball; March – April 2020
  • Softball; April – May 2020
  • Golf; May – June 2020

Visit the Intramural Sports page for details on the individual sporting events!