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Army Volunteer Corps

Army Volunteer Corps (AVC) Overview
VMIS (Volunteer Management Information System) - Are you tracking?

Volunteers are required to be registered in the central database, as well as reporting hours each month.

Fort Bragg units/organizations are now on line with the new Department of Army Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) at Army One Source! You may search for volunteer opportunities, log your hours, and document training and awards all on one site.  The information travels with you when you PCS or ETS, and provides you with a complete volunteer history whether you’re just tracking your volunteer activities, or using the information to search for employment. Available volunteer opportunities can be found by accessing Army One Source.  Click on the “Volunteer Tools” tab (in the upper right hand corner). Search by community (Fort Bragg), and by organization (the organization you wish to volunteer in).

Volunteer Manager Training Schedule

Training is offered throughout the year for those individuals in units, installation activities, and registered private organizations who manage volunteers. The various training opportunities provide knowledge/skills to enable you to manage your volunteers within the Army Volunteer Management Information System, write effective award nominations, understand the administrative and legal issues involved with managing Army Volunteers, etc. All training opportunities are open to Family Readiness Support Assistants (FRSA), Family Readiness Liaisons (FRL), Family Readiness Group (FRG) leadership, as well as agency/private organization volunteer coordinators.  Training is also open to commanders (to include rear detachment), senior spouses, etc. – anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of managing Army volunteers.

Volunteer Manager Training Schedule (.pdf) - coming soon! 

Current Off Post Volunteer Opportunities

Please stop by the office for a more detailed listing of opportunities in the local community. 

  • North Carolina Veterans Park – Volunteers Needed! Located in historic downtown Fayetteville, this is the first state park dedicated to military veterans, young and old, living or deceased, from all branches of the Armed Services.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact Mr. Clyde V Vaughan, Volunteer Coordinator, NC State Veterans Park, +1 (910)822-4362 or +1 (910)366-2360, or email.
  • Fourth Friday – Every Month – Downtown Fayetteville! Visit The Arts Council for more information.
  • The Haven - Animal Rescue - Various volunteer opportunities available.
  • Guardian Ad Litem – Be an Advocate for a Child!
  • Urban Farming Tour Docents  – Interested in learning more about organic farming, or even volunteering to be a tour docent for one of the locations in Cumberland or Moore County?  Visit Sustainable Sandhills for more information. You may also contact Heather Brown via email or call +1 (910)639-7024.
  • Arts Council – For more information on the Arts Council and volunteer opportunities, visit The Arts Council.
  • International Folk Festival in downtown Fayetteville is looking for volunteers! Visit The Arts Council to figure out how you can help.
  • MDA Camp Needs You!!! The Muscular Dystrophy Association Summer Camp is often referred to as “the best week of the year”. Our camp is unique because we’re able to offer a week of barrier-free fun, where there are virtually no limitations. Activities include ziplines, archery, horseback riding, swimming, fishing and so much more. Each camper is paired with a counselor of the same gender for the entire week. The duo take part in all activities as a team, and the counselor may be called upon for assistance with daily living activities. While we are happy to accept applications from interested females, OUR GREATEST NEED IS FOR MEN SINCE ABOUT 70% OF OUR CAMPERS ARE MALE! We provide training before the campers arrive so that our counselors feel comfortable working with their campers for the week. Visit Ultra Camp to register as a volunteer.
  • Pet Foster Families Resources
VMIS Registration Incentives

New incentives (.jpg) available just for registering and logging hours!

Registration is important to your unit/organization chain of command, and the installation. It provides valuable information on the number of volunteers, the types of work volunteers are performing, and the amount of time worked. This information provides the command with the big picture as to how our volunteers are supporting our Soldiers, their Families, and the mission. 

As part of the Bragg Bucks Program, when you register in VMIS and log your hours each month, your hours can be “cashed” in for various items such as totes, portfolios, tumblers, etc. Hours must be entered during the current open period, and logged appropriately by day and not by period. Only hours logged for Fort Bragg units/organizations since October 2009 count toward the program.

Each volunteer registered in VMIS and logging hours can also earn a lapel pin for every 250 hours documented.  The basic lapel pin is earned with the initial 250 hours, and then wings are added for each additional 250 hours.  Wings are available in increments of 250 hours through 2,500 hours. Pins are available in for pickup the AVC office at any time after you reach each individual goal.  Hours must be certified by your OPOC prior to claiming your pin.

Can’t get into the office to pick up your pin? Email us (at the link at the top of the page) with your name, organization, and mailing address. As long as the information is properly input into VMIS, we can verify it and drop your pin in the mail within a few days!

Iron Mike Awards Ceremony Photos

Photos taken at the Iron Mike Awards Ceremonies will be made available shortly after the ceremony and can be found on the Fort Bragg ACS Flickr page.

Types of Volunteers

Installation volunteers fall into three categories:  statutory, private organization, and gratuitous service. 

  • Statutory volunteers are those volunteers authorized by federal statute (10 USC 1588) to provide services in certain Department of Defense activities such as MWR, family programs, museums, chaplain, child care, etc.  Statutory volunteers, when acting within the scope of their position description, are provided certain benefits by law such as worker’s compensation.
  • Private organization volunteers are part of non-federal entities authorized to operate on the installation.  These organizations contribute to the overall installation mission, but their volunteers are not considered statutory.  All liability for incidents/accidents or injury to the volunteer are the responsibility of the private organization.
  • Gratuitous service volunteers provide services to organizations not covered under the federal statute, and do so with no expectation of compensation or benefit coverage.
Applicable Volunteer Policies and Regulations
Required Volunteer Registration Forms

Per AR 608-1, all statutory volunteers must register, complete a volunteer agreement, and have a position description PRIOR to starting work. In addition, the regulation requires volunteers to document all hours worked.  Registration in the VMIS at Army One Source eliminates the need for the following forms: 

  • Don’t Need DA 4162, Volunteer Service Record (generated when registered in VMIS)
  • Don’t Need DA 4713, Volunteer Daily Time Record (generated when registered in VMIS)
  • Need DD Form 2793, Mar 2018 (.pdf)*
    This form is position specific and must be signed by the volunteer and the unit/organization accepting official prior to starting work. A separate DD Form 2793 must be completed/signed for each statutory activity in which the volunteer works. The original must be maintained in the unit/organization files, and a copy uploaded to VMIS in the Volunteer VSR under the Files Tab. The DD Form 2793 is not applicable to private organization or gratuitous service volunteers.

    *This version (Mar 2018) replaces the May 2009 version. New forms do not have to be completed unless the volunteer position in the organization has changed.
Award Information & Nomination Forms

Community Information Exchange (CIE)

Monthly forum targeting Battalion, Brigade and higher level Commander and Command Sergeants Major spouses


Help for Victims of Partner Abuse

Help for victims of partner abuse

Crush Negativity

Gain control of your thoughts and reactions.

Oct 21 9 am - 11 am

Credit Report Review/Repair

Learn tips on how to improve and fix your credit report and score.

Oct 23 9 am - 12 pm

Couples Communication

Avoid destructive patterns that prevent you from building and maintaining a healthy, loving, and compassionate relationship with your significant other.

Oct 29 9 am - 4 pm

Me Time

This class allows attendees the opportunity to grow personally.

Nov 3 8:30 am - 3 pm

First-Term PCS "Money and Moving" Class

Learn what you need to know for a successful move your very first time.

Nov 3 9 am - 10:30 am

First-Term PCS "Money and Moving" Class

Learn what you need to know for a successful move your very first time.

Nov 3 9 am - 10:30 am

Newcomers Orientation and Bus Tour

Get information about programs and services that are available to support and assist Fort Bragg military Families.

Nov 3 9 am - 12 pm

Newcomers Orientation and Bus Tour

Get information about programs and services that are available to support and assist Fort Bragg military Families.

Nov 3 9 am - 12 pm

Anger Management

This one-session class provides attendees with the skills necessary to help evaluate, understand and control their anger.

Nov 4 9 am - 1 pm

Care Team Training

This training is critical prior to establishing a Care Team.

Nov 5 9 am - 11 am