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Massage Therapy


Meet the Therapists

Tiffani K - Tiffani specializes in deep tissue, relaxation, pain management, and mental health focused sessions. She is a firm believer in healing through the power of touch and believes massage therapy has the capability to reduce the need for prescription medications. Tiffani looks forward to helping you reach your goals and reduce your stress through massage therapy!

Amanda R - Manda has been a massage therapist for 3 years and specializes in therapeutic recovery massage. She believes her sessions can assist in improving muscle mobility and flexibility as well as reduce chronic pain due to certain injuries or disorders. Manda is here to help you and looks forward to helping you improve your muscular health.

Stephanie G - As a bodywork therapist, fitness enthusiast, and amateur bodybuilder, Stephanie not only understands the techniques of muscular manipulation but also the necessity of addressing the body’s structure in order to improve function. Stephanie’s unique approach is intended toward helping clients achieve natural movements and range of motion, improved posture and physique, increased muscular growth and stamina, and even healing from chronic aberrations and developed compensations from previous injury or trauma.

  • Massage Therapy - 30 minutes: $45
  • Massage Therapy - 60 minutes: $70
  • Massage Therapy - 90 minutes: $110
Service Descriptions
  • Swedish Massage: 
    A full body massage utilizing a variety of techniques with varied pressure based upon client's needs. Notable for its rejuvenating effects, Swedish massage serves to promote circulation while stimulating the central nervous, muscular and skeletal system.
  • Deep Tissue: 
    Focused on addressing specific muscular groups and joints or, as a full-body intensive treatment, this massage uses firm pressure to target or prevent repetitive strain and injury by releasing areas of pain and tension.
  • Sports Massage: 
    Simultaneously flushing lactic acid build-up from muscle tissue to reduce and prevent exercise injury pain and swelling. Sports massage also includes joint mobilization and assisted stretching to increase flexibility and strength.
  • Clinical Massage: 
    A therapeutic approach to assisting clients that have experienced and athletic injury, medical procedure or any injury to the musculature of the body. Utilizing massage techniques specific to the injury will assist in breaking up scar tissue and increasing range of motion. Massage may be contraindicated for some clients and medical clearance may be required. 
  • Prenatal: 
    Specific Swedish massage techniques which often is combined with reflexology. Pregnancy massage also includes circulatory work to address the needs and discomforts of pregnancy. A gentle, nurturing massage that can either target specific areas of pain and tension, or can be applied as a full-body massage.
  • Reflexology: 
    Applies pressure to areas in the feet called reflex points which relate to specific organs and glands. Stimulating these points improves circulation, enhance relaxation and promotes health and wellness.
  • Thai Massage: 
    Client will wear loose, comfortable clothing to this massage. Applying gentle pressure and stretching techniques to relax the whole body.
No Show Policy

If you are unable to make your appointment please contact your therapist as soon as possible. If you no-call no-show for an appointment, you must purchase a gift card for 50% of your previously missed service and present to your therapist before being able to re-book an appointment. If you no call no show again, the gift card will then be redeemed and non-refundable. Thank you for your understanding.

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