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Multicultural Readiness Program


The purpose of the Multicultural Readiness Program (MRP) is to provide Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard Soldiers and their families access to international services regardless of language and/or cultural differences. We strive to minimize cultural and language barriers while enhancing the quality of life by providing skills development and coping mechanisms to assist with minimizing the challenges language and cultural barriers can bring. We provide the opportunity for foreign born Soldiers and their family members to interact with others who are from their native countries as well as learn the culture of their new home, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Visit the Fort Bragg Installation web site for more information about Fort Bragg.

For immigration questions and assistance, please call for an appointment (Monday-Wednesday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.)

How we can help

Sit down with a MRP representative and ask how we can assist you in making the United States your home. Do you need to enroll in English as a Second Language? Do you need to obtain your driver’s license? Are you worried that you may lose your VISA? Do you have any immediate immigration or citizenship questions? Do you need a document translated? Do you want to meet other people who share your language or home country? Let us know how we can make living at Fort Bragg and in the Fayetteville community a better experience for you!

Visit Military One Source for document translation.


The MRP facilitates the International Spouse Orientation class, where you can obtain valuable information on:

  • Medical services
  • Employment
  • Getting a driver’s license
  • English as a second language

Download the International Spouse Orientation 2021 class calendar (.pdf) to view upcoming class dates!

Do you have time to volunteer?

Do you have skills and talents that you would like to share with others? Teach us customs and traditions from your hometown. Perhaps you can provide translation or interpretation from your native language for someone who is not comfortable speaking English. You could be a representative for your home country or state. When someone new arrives from your hometown you can be an ambassador and a mentor.

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