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School Age Centers


Grades K-5

School Age (SA) Centers Overview

School Age (SA) Centers provide care during:

  • Before school only
  • After school only
  • Before school and after school
  • Occasional care (daily and hourly)*
  • School closures
  • Seasonal and holiday school breaks
  • Summer Camp

* No hourly care during winter, spring or summer camp


Our mission is to expose school-age children to a wide range of age-appropriate recreational programs that will incorporate character-building concepts through activities and social interaction. School-age activities are designed to enhance positive attitudes in learning and self development; to aid children in developing proper study habits; to provide children challenging activities; to promote self esteem, citizenship, responsibility, cooperation, respect, fairness, trustworthiness, and caring.

Services offered:

  • Supervised recreational and developmentally appropriate activities
  • Computer lab
  • Homework lab
  • Educational and recreational field trips
  • Open recreation options
  • Non-competitive, physical activities
  • Supportive, well-trained staff who enjoy working with children
  • Volunteer community service
  • Breakfast before school, snack after school, and lunch on non-school days
  • Transportation to and from special activities and instructional programs during the school year

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Home School Network