Running Trails and Tracks


  • The stairway leading to Towle Stadium from Towle Courts PFC is closed until further notice due to repairs needed due to safety concerns. Towle Stadium track and field are still open and available for use.


Family & MWR Running Trails & Tracks

Hedrick Stadium*

Hercules Track*

Smith Lake Trail (5K)

Towle Stadium*


*Running tracks/stadiums are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fort Bragg Running Trails

All American Trail (21 miles)

  • BE AWARE!! - This trail is CLOSED to ALL USE during Deer-Gun Season. During Deer-Gun season, there is ACTIVE HUNTING on/around this trail. Visit the Fort Bragg Wildlife Recreation Program for more information. 
  • Map (.pdf)

Coscom Loop and Spongebob (2 miles)

  • Start/end point: Blackjack PFC
  • Map (.pdf)

Corps Run and Fun (2 miles)

  • Start/end point: Callahan PFC
  • Map (.pdf)

Service Square and Cemetary Way (2 miles)

  • Start/end point: Dahl PFC
  • Map (.pdf)

PFC-Engineer Trail (2.2 miles)

  • Start/end point: Frederick PFC
  • Map (.pdf)

Lafierre Loop and Ardennes (2 miles)

  • Start/end point: Funk PFC
  • Map (.pdf)

Pope AFB Fitness Facility (6, 3 and 2 miles)

  • Start/end: Hercules PFC
  • Map (.pdf)

Iron Engineer Trail (2 miles)

  • Start/end point: Iron Mike PFC
  • Map (.pdf)

All American Way Loop and Black Devil Road (2 miles)

  • Start/end point: Ritz-Epps PFC
  • Map (.pdf)

Run from Ryder PFC (2 miles)

  • Start/end point: Ryder PFC
  • Map (.pdf)

The Devil's Horn (2 miles)

  • Start/end point: Towle Courts PFC
  • Map (.pdf)

Performance Loop (2 miles)

  • Start/end point: Tucker PFC
  • Map (.pdf)